Peter Suchanovsky

About Me

13427869_1379915858701454_5953870998575676412_nI’m focused on photography since 1990 when I got my first cine-camera, and then it was a digital compact one.


Similar to the other amateur photographers, at the beginning I mainly used my camera for holidays and family events. Later on, the photo has caught me more seriously and I started to do it more intensively.


I’ve bought my first digital SLR camera with several lenses and apparel. I’ve started to follow and perceive the landscape more intensively, I’ve participated in photography workshops, and later on, I’ve joined a group of photographers at ePhoto and Vivo. With inputting of my photos in Vivo and ePhoto I gained valuable experience and evaluation of my photos has drifted further and further. I’m extremely grateful for this.


Lately, I like also photographing portraits, but my favourite genre is to take landscape photos.


Since 2010, I am semi-professional photographer for portraits in exterior and interior, corporate events, weddings and landscapes.